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A Simple and Complete Training System for the Handgun User.

Whether you are a concealed carrier, competitor, family defender, sportsman or just like to shoot, Chong-Gi Do is for you!  Chong-Gi Do  is a progressive firearms and self defense program that can benefit anyone from new shooters to people who have been training for years.


We teach use of firearms, defensive weapons and unarmed techniques for personal safety. Chong-Gi Do is accessible to all skill and fitness levels.

Students progress through five skill levels at their own pace.  Each week we practice unarmed self defense techniques that include striking, kicking, joint manipulation and weapon retention.  We also use SIRT laser training pistols as a safe way to prepare for live fire.   

Each month students have a range session where they can take the shooting skills they have learned in class and perfect them with live fire practice. Each of the five levels of Chong Gi-Do has a specific shooting exercise that gets progressively more challenging.  


Not only will you learn physical self defense and shooting techniques, you will also learn about important concepts such as: Awareness, Proxemics, Verbal De-escalation, Personal safety at home, How to be a hard target and many more.

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Monthly range sessions.


Pistol cleaning and maintenance.

Weapon retention and empty hand self-defense.


We use laser training pistols to enhance our live fire training.


Students are challenged with complex training scenarios to improve critical self defense skills.

Students can achieve high levels of accuracy.

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