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Image by Bo Harvey

Handgun 1

Basic Handgun

If you have never shot a pistol before, or maybe it has been a while and you need to brush up on your skills, Handgun 1 is for you!  We will discuss handgun safety, range procedures,  how to load and unload your gun, and of course, how to shoot!  We will practice basic marksmanship to give you a firm foundation for your new skills.  Whether you are brand new to shooting or you want to get more confidence in your shooting skill, Handgun 1 is for you!  

You will need: a handgun, 100 rounds of practice ammunition, eye and ear protection, and clothing appropriate for the weather.  A hat with a brim and high necked shirt, such as a crew neck t-shirt are also recommended.  The class is approximately 4 hours long, depending on class size.

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